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This community is for members of the D&D Plaza Discord server to build a campaign setting together. This setting will be used as the backdrop for Dungeons & Dragons game as a shared world. The map that will serve as the inspiration for the world was done by Caeora . Editors and world builders are encouraged to discuss their ideas on the discord before committing articles to the wiki.

Some advice for editors
This setting is made for other DMs to use and every effort should be made to make it easy and useful for other people. Content should inspire DM's and made easy to slide into a game. Avoid creating "lore islands" that are pieces of content divorced from the context of the rest of the world setting. Explore the wiki and try to incorporate what other content authors have created.
Remember that this is a wiki, try to hyperlink content that leaves your work open to expand on. Finally, remember that this is a community project and your content might be edited or pushed towards a different direction to make more sense in the world. If you don't want other people to edit your lore, consider using your lore in your own game rather than in an anonymously edited wiki. This not a showcase or advertisement for your game.
You may find a list of Locations.

Interesting Flora and Fauna.

Information about Deities and the Pantheon.

Information about forces and Factions.

Some special tools for editors:

I've added some special CSS, if you like this boxed description look, you'll need to use

<div class="text-description">YOUR TEXT HERE</div> in the source editor. Ask Medieve on the discord if you need more guidance.

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